Inspiring and Empowering Middle School Girls

Our Story

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.O. Wilde


I’ve attended the California’s Women’s Conference for several years and, for those who have never attended – it is a day of empowerment and inspiration, with fantastic and powerful speakers who share their personal stories and inspire me and provide me with empowering insights to live life lovingly and powerfully.

I was motivated by the Women’s Conference to create a similar experience for young girls in middle school (in my opinion, the most difficult transition years for girls).


My vision and mission was to create a conference where girls from different backgrounds, cultures, and economic status come together for a weekend of inspiration and empowerment. But, instead of listening to speakers, such as at the Women’s Conference, the girls participate in interactive activities such as self-defense, vision journaling, self-expression, dance, and more.

All activities designed to expose girls to something new but, most importantly, to empower them to access their own strengths and voice. I wish I had had an event like this to attend as a young girl. I would have loved to have been given the opportunity to find my power and voice back then.

We hope that you can join us so you can learn more about our organization, 4GIRLS- Getting Inspired 4 Real Life Success – and help us empower and inspire young girls.

-Claudia Copley, President, 4GIRLS Organization