Inspiring and Empowering Middle School Girls


Thank you so much for giving me a whole lot of life lessons. This makes me stronger and confident.4GIRLS Workshop Participant

Who will benefit from the seminar?

We recognize that there are many middle school girls that could benefit from the empowerment and inspiration workshop, however, we are specifically targeting young girls who may be at a crossroads in their lives and could benefit from the positive messaging delivered at the workshops. We are especially interested in girls who are self-motivated to pursue their highest potential but may not have access to the tools and resources that our organization will make available to them. The goal of our workshop is to inspire and empower these young girls to find their own voice, their own power, enabling them to make good life choices and follow the right path for themselves.

How are the girls chosen?

Girls referred to our workshop will need to complete an application and submit it by a specified deadline.  Workshop space is limited.  Application acceptance is determined by the 4GIRLS committee members based on greatest need.

Who leads the workshop?

All workshop presenters are experts in their field. All 4GIRLS Board members and all workshop mentors have gone through a background check and have a Live Scan on file with the City of Long Beach. Licensed clinical social workers or therapists are present at the event as well.

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What is 4GIRLS Organization?

4GIRLS Org. was founded in 2010 and its mission is to empower and inspire middle school girls. You can learn more about the organization by visiting

What is the 4GIRLS Workshop?

The workshop is a two-day event (Saturday and Sunday) and is available to middle school girls. (High school girls may apply as a Junior Mentor.) The workshop curriculum consists of interactive empowering and inspiring topics. Girls have the opportunity to express themselves by participating in activities such as: creating a vision journal; Nia, which is a form of dance incorporating martial arts and yoga; self defense and many more topics.

What is a Junior Mentor?

The role of a Junior Mentor is to participate in the workshop in a leadership role by mentoring a group of middle school girls and setting an example by actively participating in the event. To apply visit our website.

Is the workshop just for girls from Long Beach?

Any middle school girl from any city, county or state may apply to attend the workshop.

How much does it cost?

The workshop is FREE of charge to middle (and high school girls that are selected as Junior Mentors) school girls.

How old do participants have to be to attend the workshop?

Age is not how participants are selected. The guideline is participants must be enrolled in middle school at the time of the workshop. Junior Mentors requirement is high school or first year college enrollment.

What if the girls are in 5th grade, but they are 11 years old?

The participant must be enrolled in middle school at the time of the workshop.

Do I have to be at the workshop all day

Participants MUST be available to attend both days, must arrive on time each day of the workshop and stay until the workshop ends.

Do you offer transportation?

Transportation is not offered by 4GIRLS Organization.

What if I can only attend one day?

The workshop is a two-day event. Attendance at both days is mandatory.

How do I get to attend the workshop?

Participants interested in attending the workshop must complete an application in its entirety and answer all questions thoroughly. You may request an application by emailing: or by visiting the website: and selecting “Apply” on the menu bar, which will navigate you to the applications.

Will any of my friends be at the workshop?

We recommend friends to attend the workshop together, however each middle school girl must complete an application to be eligible.

What if English is not my primary language?

The workshop is presented in English. It is recommended that the participant understand and have a basic speaking ability in English, however it is not required that English be the participants primary language.

How many girls do you accept to the workshop?

Our limit is 50 participants. Due to the limit, not all girls that provide an application are admitted in to the workshop.

I attended the workshop last year, can I attend more than once?

Yes, however, a new application must be completed each year and participant must be enrolled in middle school.

Do I need to bring lunch?

No. 4GIRLS Org. will provide each participant with a healthy lunch, water and snacks throughout each day.

I’m adult, do you have any volunteer opportunities?

Yes! Please contact us at: to find out how you can volunteer.