Inspiring and Empowering Middle School Girls

#Giving Tuesday

#Giving Tuesday is here! During the next 24 hours, people around the world are coming together to make an impact. At 4GIRLS, our Giving Tuesday goal is to raise $1,250 to send 10 girls to a 4GIRLS workshop.

Maritza, a 4GIRLS 2019 Junior Mentor, is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. She’s also a member of the Chemistry Club and Sociology Club. She’s a pre-biology major.

You can change the future of a girl like Maritza – pictured above – by infusing her with confidence:

College has been a wonderful experience for me especially because I feel like I can support myself and truly be an independent person. 

I used what I learned from 4GIRLS when I walked into my Calculus 2 class the first day. I was 1 out of the 2 girls in that class and once class was over I was ready to drop down to Calculus 1 because it was so intimidating

But then I got a rush of “why should I?” I am a strong, independent woman. I deserve to push through it and be greater.

It’s important for girls to understand at a young age that they deserve to be heard and they deserve to persevere. I identify as a strong, biracial woman and I just want to say WOMEN RULE!
   -Maritza, Chemistry Club Member, freshman at Cal State Long Beach

Your gift to 4GIRLS empowers young women like Maritza to access their voices and their authentic selves.

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